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Dart Parts

Västerås, Sweden: With my 69 GTS to the biggest American Car Show in the World. 12'000 Cars! Pictures on

By Car Train through Germany from Stuttgart to Hamburg and

by Ferry from Frederikshavn, Denmark to Göteborg, Sweden


A 69 Dart GT from Zurich, Switzerland makes a Trip to Québec, Canada

Zurich, Switzerland (Swiss Air Force Museum, DeHavilland

Vampire) Welcome in Québec, Canada. A metric Country...

Night Drive to Zeebrugge (Belgium) via Germany, France,

Luxembourg. The RoRo Vessel: It' s big? No, it's bigger!

On the road in NB after leaving Halifax on my Way to QC.

On the Way I met some really "pumped out" Gas Stations!

Home Sweet Home, together with his Brothers and Sisters!

And the 1st Canadian Car Meet: Auto Fest in Bedford