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Dart Parts

Workshop from 1989 to 2000

Outside not just Mopars but inside strictly

"For Darts, Valiants and Barrcudas only!"


Double Garage in Town

Ooops, 3 Cars and

just... 2 Doors?


Garage at the Residence

Summary: A Workshop + A double Garage in Town + A

Garage at the Residence = A chronic Lack of Space!


Workshop from 2000 to 2005

Empty, not for long time...

Some Cars more and... full!


Temporary Workshops from loyal Colleagues and good Specialists. Without these idealistic People it would be impossible to run such a Hobby!

At Hanspeter Jost's Body Shop, ...

...Hanspeter Ryf's Paint Shop...

...and Mike Rothenfluh's Auto Repair Shop

My Employer lets me use the Company's Workshop on Weekends!


Garage from 2005 at the Residence

Do you notice something on the 2nd Picture? A 68 Dart and on

the Building are finally Sliding Doors and a Window installed!


Workshop from 2005 at the Residence

It even has a small

apartment at the loft...