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Dart Parts

Barney's Version, a 2010 Film based on a 1997 Novel written by Canadian Author Mordecai Richler

The Film Makers needed contemporary Cars to turn various

Road Scenes of the Year 1977 in Montréal, Canada:

For filming they closed the Rue Sherbrooke from Rue de

la Montagne to Rue Drummond, Corner The Ritz-Carlton!

What does not fit better than a Dart or a Valiant, two popular

Cars belonged to the every Day Street Life of those Days?

May we introduce ourselves? A Taxi Driver (not "The Taxi

Driver") at Work and a Business Man on his way Home...

It's nice to walk on the Rue Sherbrooke and to leave the Car

in the Middle of the Road without any Care to get a Ticket!

The current Scene of a Shooting Break: The Film Makers

produced even artificial Rain with a huge Shower!

Outside of The Ritz Carlton such beautiful Cars! If the Main

Actors Paul Giamatti and Dustin Hoffman would only know?